Post Weld Heat Treatment

Camlock Sets Camlock Sets

Camlock are used on Heat Treatment Units and are made from Brass and Polymide

Ceramic Beads Ceramic Beads

Used in flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters Channel Heaters and Flexible Insulation Preheaters

Ceramic Heater Pad Ceramic Heater Pad

Used at the end of the tail beads to connect Flexible Ceramic Pad Heaters to the Heat Treatment Units

Compensating Cable Compensating Cable

Designed for interconnection between thermocouple cable and control and recording instrumentation.

Copper Shims Copper Shims

Used to wrap around the multistrand bared wires of the heater distribution cables to ensure that the strands of wires remain intact during connection to CamLock

HT Putty HT Putty

Use to fix over the hot junction of the thermocouple.

Nickel Chrome Copper Wire Nickel Chrome Copper Wire

Essential for resistor elements in high-temperature applications and operates at temperatures up to 1000°C

Panel Mounted Camlock Panel Mounted Camlock

Panel Mounted Camlock for the repair of heat treatment units

Plugin & Socket Plugin & Socket

Made from glass-filled polyester for Type K Thermocouples.

Thermocouple Wire Type K Thermocouple Wire Type K

Type K Thermocouple Wire provides accuracy within ±1.5°C with maximum working temperatures of 800°C and 105°C respectively