A variety of cables and wires are used throughout the heat treatment process; either for thermocouples/temperature control or recording, or to supply electrical energy throughout the circuits.

ST0100 ST0100

2-way Splitter Cable

ST0200 ST0200

3-way Splitter Cable

ST0300 ST0300

4-way Splitter Cable

TR0100 TR0100

Triple-Cable Set with Plug & Socket

WI0100 WI0100

Thermocouple Wire, Type K, 2 x 0.65mm NiCr/NiSi

WI0101 WI0101

Thermocouple Wire, Type KX, 2 x 7/0.2mm NiCr/NiSi

WI0200 WI0200

19-strand Nickel-Chrome Iron Core Wire (60/15)

WI0301 WI0301

19-strand Nickel-Chrome Wire (80/20)

WI0302 WI0302

37-strand Nickel-Chrome Wire (80/20)

WI0400 WI0400

19-strand Nickel Cold Tail Wire

WI0500 WI0500

Compensating Cable

WI0600 WI0600

4-Bank Nickel-Chrome Iron Wire (60/15)

WI0900 WI0900

16mm2 Heater Distribution Cable (double insulated)

WI0901 WI0901

The 25mm2 cable supplies electrical energy to heaters. Used in Splitter Cables, each roll has 100m length of cable.