EPOCH 1000 Series

EPOCH 1000 Series

The EPOCH 1000 Series Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors combines the highest level of performance for conventional portable flaw detection with the power of phased array imaging. The EPOCH 1000, 1000 iR, and 1000 I feature a new horizontal case style with a full VGA display, knob, and navigation arrows for parameter adjustment, and full EN12668‑1 compliance. The advanced conventional ultrasonic functionality of the EPOCH 1000 series is augmented in the EPOCH 1000 i with phased array imaging capabilities.

Key Features

  • Available with Phased Array Imaging Package
  • EN12668-1 compliant
  • 37 digital receiver filter selections
  • 6 kHz pulse repetition rate for high speed scanning
  • Encoded or time-based C-scan option
  • Automatic phased array probe recognition
  • Intuitive wedge delay and sensitivity calibration for all focal laws
  • Programmable analog/alarm outputs
  • Designed for IP66 environmental rating
  • Horizontal design with navigation panel and knob parameter adjustment
  • Digital high dynamic range receiver
  • Full VGA sunlight readable display
  • ClearWave™ visual enhancement package for conventional A-scan interpretation
  • SureView™ visualization feature
  • Reference and measurement cursors
  • Standard dynamic DAC/TVG
  • Standard onboard DGS/AVG

Three instrument configuration levels to suit many inspection needs.

Portable EPOCH 1000 series updatable features

EPOCH 1000 Advanced UT

The EPOCH® 1000 is an advanced conventional ultrasonic flaw detector that can be upgraded with phased array imaging at an authorized Olympus service center.

EPOCH 1000 iR Advanced UT + Phased Array Ready

The EPOCH 1000 iR provides the same ultrasonic flaw detection capabilities as the EPOCH 1000 with the benefit of upgrading to a phased array with simple field-remote activation.

EPOCH 1000 i Advanced UT + Phased Array Built-in

The EPOCH 1000 I comes standard with the same advanced ultrasonic flaw detection capabilities as the EPOCH 1000, with the addition of a built-in phased array imaging package

Key Industries and Applications

  • General weld inspeciton
  • Crack detection and sizing
  • Power generation inspections
  • AWS D1.1/D1.5 weld inspection
  • Casting and forging defect inspections
  • DGS/AVG defect sizing
  • In-line inspections
  • Composite delamination and defect inspections
  • Aerospace and maintenance
  • Automotive and transportation
inspector with portable EPOCH 1000

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