1. Stable welding quality by digital control
  2. Environment friendly space saving and power saving design
  3. Connection to two Guns (five Guns max.: Option)

Improvement of operation

The setting of welding conditions by rotary switch Breakdown detected by self-diagnosis is shown on the seven-segment monitor.

Separate type operation panel (Pendant)

The setting of detailed welding conditions and monitoring range Welding waves can be shown.

Products summary

Name・Type  NSW21EX
Applicable stud diameter  3 ~ 9
Input voltage Three phase 400Volt
Welding current 200 ~ 2000 Amp.
Welding time 5 ~ 100 msec.
Usage rate 20 pcs. / min. ( diameter 9 studs)
Dimensions W 545mm x D 590mm x H 1100mm
*Air Filter not included
Weight Approx. 140kg