High Strength Stud

Intended use

These studs are welded to steel beams as shear stopper of the precast PC floor slab adopting high endurance and economy.
Especially high tensile (HT570) stud bolts are necessary to high strength steel beam and high strength concrete.


Components (HT570 is made to order. For delivery etc., please refer to our branch office close to you.)

High strength threaded stud
  1. MPL 27×50-26
  2. high nut (Strength classification 6)
  3. hexagonal headed bolt (Strength classification 6.8)
High strength threaded stud
High strength headed stud
Headed stud (HT570)
  • S3L 19
  • S3L 22
  • S3L 25


Name Size
threaded stud MPL 27×50-26 HT570
headed stud S3L 19×150 HT570
S3L 22×150 HT570
S3L 25×150 HT570

Mechanical properties

Material Yield point
Tensile strength
HT570 460min. 570min. 14min.
SM570 450min. 570~720 20min.