Traders Industrial Supply Co., Inc. a.k.a Trisco, was incorporated on November 18, 1980, basically and principally as an industrial trading firm.

Trisco had its humble beginnings through the supply and installation of the Stud Welding System which was coined as its bread and butter, this resulted in a growing network of clients. Trisco decided to open its doors for the Non-Destructive Testing Equipment and the importation of Ceramic and Mineral Wool Insulatuion, but the growth of the company did not stop there. Personal Protective Equipment came along the way which carries the well-known European brand of Safety Jogger, this resulted in the addition of Safety Jogger safety shoes and gloves, as well as an OCSIRT safety vest and hard hat. Trisco continuously gains its popularity not just locally but internationally through its consignment stores that cater to a wider range of customers nationwide.

To date, the company is still working on its quest in providing the best products and services for its clientele held by its CEO, MR. Artemio L. Torres III.


Traders Industrial Supply Co.,Inc. envisioned itself to be the leading and the most preferred trading company in providing Non-Destructive Equipment, construction, and industrial supplies nationwide.


Traders Industrial Supply Co., Inc. is committed to delivering exceptional products and services through after-sales engagement to its clients.