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Radiographic Testing
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The 27MG basic ultrasonic thickness gauge is designed to make accurate measurements from one side on internally corroded or eroded metal pipes and parts. It is lightweight, durable, and ergonomically designed for easy, one-hand operation.

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The versatile 38DL PLUS™ gauge can be used with dual element transducers for the measurement of corroded pipes to the very precise thickness measurements of thin or multilayer materials with a single element transducer.

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The 45MG advanced ultrasonic thickness gauge is packed with standard measurement features and software options. This unique instrument is compatible with the complete range of Olympus dual element and single element thickness gage transducers

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Magna-Mike 8600

The Magna-Mike 8600 is a portable thickness gauge that uses a simple magnetic method to make reliable and repeatable measurements on nonferrous materials. Operation of the Magna-Mike is very simple.

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Corrosion Gaging Transducers

Dual element transducers primarily assist the measurement of corroded materials such as boiler tubes and cast iron.

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Precision Single Element Transducers

Single element transducers and accessories precisely measure thin materials, such as various metals, and can cover a broad range of thicknesses and diameters.