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Mineral Wool Blanket
Mineral Wool Blanket

Mineral Wool Blanket

Mineral wool blanket is kind of  soft and roll  product, which is mainly used for heat preservation of steel roofing, large-caliber pipeline, storage tank, large scale equipment, irregular thing, valve and pipe joint, especially   applicable for heat insulation of high-temperature equipment.


  • Mineral blanket products are suitable for a wide range of applications including roofs spaces in all types of building and as an overlay for ceiling tiles in suspended ceilings.
  • Used mainly for insulation of large sized pipe tank, large equipment, shape components, valves and pipe fittings.
  • Suitable for thermal insulation of high temperature equipment.
  • Used as a sound proof absorbing material in cinemas, buildings and other construction applications.

Length (m) Width (m) Thickness (mm) Density kg/m3
5m 0.6m 50mm 60kg/m3
5m 0.6m 50mm 80kg/m3
5m 0.6m 50mm 100kg/m3
5m 0.6m 50mm 120kg/m3

Not listed densities and sizes are available upon request.