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stud welding

Chino Type Recorder E

  • Has a recording range of 0°C to 1200°C
  • Available in 110v or 220v
  • Units are compatible with Type K thermocouple compensating lead connections and have an internal light fitting to illuminate both the scale and chart recordings

stud welding

Power Source

  • Offered at 50kVA or 70kVA, with or without built-in individual programmers
  • Provide power to electrical resistance heaters (at 65v) which is split into 6 individual heating circuits to enable the individual temperature control of each circuit

stud welding

Splitter Cables

  • Used to connect heating elements in parallel to Triple Cable Sets and allow for the accurate zonal temperature control of multiple heating elements from one single control output
  • Available 2-, 3- or 4- ways

stud welding

Thermocouple Welding Unit

  • Used to attach thermocouple wire to job piece underneath the body of a heater for accurate control

stud welding

Triple Cable Set

  • Connects Heat Treatment Units to the heaters and thermocouple
  • Fitted with 300A Brass and Connector Plugs & Sockets and a Thermocouple Plug & Socket
  • Sold in 30m lengths