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Fiberglass Blanket
Fiberglass Blanket

Glasswool Blanket

Glass wool blanket are made for large laying area. With the characteristics of thermal insurance, it
also has the performance of shock absorption and acoustical isolation, especially for middle or low
frequency sound, which can cancel the noise and improve working environment.

Glass wool can be cut freely in construction according to the shape required mainly used in room,
noise controlling system, transportation, refrigerators and household electric appliances etc.

According to customer requirements, the product can be laminated with single sided or double-sided
aluminum foil, aluminum glass cloth foil, black glass fiber tissue etc.

Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Density kg/m3
3000-5000 600, 1200 30 80-100
3000-5000 600, 1200 40 70-100
3000-5000 600, 1200 50 60-100
3000 600, 1200 60-80 60-100
3000 600, 1200 90-100 50-100

Not listed densities and sizes are available upon request.